Intelligent Video Analytics

How can Sentinel and Intelligent Video Analytics be helpful?


Accuware Sentinel is probably the best intelligent video analytic technology. It provides precise human tracking and detection. Sentinel can provide several AI-based Intelligent Video Analytics functionalities: you can think about Sentinel as a core engine that can be customized to address multiple needs and several features can be built on top of it. Sentinel video analytics automatically analyze live streaming video from CCTV and surveillance cameras to provide actionable alerts for security events, eliminating false alarms and reducing the need for manual monitoring. Sentinel can also be programmed to post-process existing videos.

How it works

Sentinel Video Analytics add artificial intelligence to cameras by analyzing video content in real-time or post-processing: Sentinel can detect people, objects and movements and can be configured to send out alerts to provide actionable intelligence to security monitoring or other systems. Sentinel can be embedded in servers on-premise, and/or on a cloud server. Sentinel is able to analyze the video to extract only the required information, the location of each person detected and detect their unique appearance.


Sentinel only requires common CCTV cameras cameras installed in the areas to monitor. The cameras must make the video stream available to the server where Sentinel runs, on-premise or cloud.

Key Features of Sentinel AI-Based Intelligent Video Analytics

The following features can be achieved using Sentinel and integrating it in a custom software and management system

Intrusion Detection

By detecting humans / pedestrians, it allows automated perimeter monitoring and secure area protection. You can set up an alert each time a human is detected in a specific area.

Line Crossing

Sentinel detects a moving person that crosses a defined line. Entry/exit direction can be detected. The crossing line can be customized.

Wrong Direction

Sentinel can detect if a person crosses a line or perimeter in the wrong direction, or if it walks towards a non authorized direction.

Video Counter

Sentinel counts people (and other objects, if required). It can provide the estimation of the room occupancy and the flows.

Video Summary

Sentinel reduces a long video into a summarized video with actual events/detections. It is possible to exclude “false movement detections” such a tree movements, weather, animals, changes in the lightning condition.

Queue management

Sentinel can detect people to monitor the length of a queue by analyzing the average time spent in line by each person. Sentinel gives an accurate estimation of the real time length of the line to optimize the wait times.

People Search

Sentinel can be used to search specific people in a video stream: using features encoding and re-identification algorithms it is possible to look for individuals that look alike a specific person/subject.