Intelligent Video Analytics using cameras to track people's movements for pedestrian detection

Sentinel tracks people moving through a venue and allows human detection and recognition.
It allows CCTV video analytics: existing cameras can be integrated with Sentinel, and this video tracking technology recognizes individuals, collecting their location and movements over time.
Sentinel allows remove surveillance and it can be integrated as a component for video analytics software and CCTV security solutions.
Sentinel processes video streams, on a local or remote server, and can leverage already deployed video infrastructures.

How it can be used

Sample applications

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  • Retail Analytics and Visitors' behavior: Build a remote surveillance solution to analyze visitors' behavior by following the movements of people inside venues, identifying and tracking them by their visual appearance, often complementing facial recognition.
  • Video Camera People Searching: Sentinel allows Appearance Encoding, to create applications to enable rapidly searching video streams for instances of people whose appearance matches that of a specific subject.
  • People counting: Implement solutions that estimate the number of people in venues such as museums, trade shows and shopping malls. Counts per sector can reflect visitors' numbers at different times per day, week and month.
  • People tracking and multi-person tracking: Build a custom system that enables monitoring people in view of a video camera, and follow their movements. Video re-identification allows following specific individuals over time.
  • Queue length monitoring: Sentinel enabled queue analytics,u seful in settings like retail cash-and-wrap registers and airport security lines. Automatic queue monitoring provides customers with useful information that reduces the anxiety of waiting in lines.
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  • Video cameras installed throughout a venue
  • Server: It can be standalone or cloud-based
  • Dashboard needed for site management
  • API for integration with external applications
System Architecture and Features

How it works

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    Sentinel is a computer vision based tracking system, which allows video analytics and human detection. By applying artificial intelligence and neural network to computer vision and object detection algorithms, Sentinel is able to provide accurate detection and tracking of people, using common CCTV cameras
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    Each single individual can be detected, using appearance encoding algorithms, and makes video re-identification possible.
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    Sentinel can provide the location of each person detected, as WSG-84 (latitude, longitude) coordinates, or as x, y, z Cartesian coordinates, allowing people geo-tagging in a video.
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    Sentinel integrates multi-person tracking and there is potentially no limit to the number of people that can be simultaneously detected by this technology.
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    Sentinel provides API to access raw data to be integrated inside custom applications, which may vary from video retail analytics solutions to video surveillance systems. Video analysis software can be easily integrated with this camera tracking system to allow intelligent video analytics.